About English Eagles

Our philosophy

At English Eagles, we always put the children’s needs first. We view each child as an individual with a unique personality. This means that we act according to the situation and each child’s needs. Each child is not alone and therefore forms an important part of the group. In specific situations, we respond to meet the needs of each child, while we view the group as a whole.

We believe that each individual has five dimensions: intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. For that reason, we try to foster all these dimensions in the activities that we offer at English Eagles. Some of these are easily recognisable, while others are simply integrated into our general approach to running the centre.

Our aim

We aim to create a caring environment for the children to learn English in. We offer not only bilingual part-time childcare for children between kindergarten age and the sixth year of school but also an English-language playgroup for children aged two to five.

With the exception of cantonal public holidays, we are open from Monday to Friday for around 50 weeks of the year.

We offer all-day childcare during the school holidays.

Owner | Management

Rachel Strang is from the UK. She has been living in Adliswil with her husband and two daughters since October 2000.

She has always worked with children for a living and has been teaching English since 2006, mainly using the Helen Doron method.

The demand for bilingual childcare was high when she arrived, so she decided to open an out of school care and playgroup.

Out of school care management

Rebekah Steib is a qualified childcare specialist. She is responsible for the management of the out of school care at English Eagles.

She has been working with children between the ages of 6 months and 13 years since 2010.


Members of staff

Maxine Kennel – qualified child carer

Jenny Norris – experienced childcare worker

Kata Mezei – English teachers

Ursula Hegelbach – administration

John Strang – accounting

Kata Mezie - Senior qualified child carer 

Dimitra Bougla– qualified child carer

Jaron Hartmann - apprentice