English lessons

Learning English at English Eagles

We have been teaching English as a second language using the internationally recognised Helen Doron method since 2006.


We offer classes for babies and parents, as well as children between the ages of three and 18.

Parent and baby group

Are you interested in attending a parent and baby group?

We are planning to offer a Baby’s Best Start course on Monday or Thursday mornings.

Baby’s Best Start is a wonderful, gentle course where parents can spend time with their baby.

Please contact us at info@eagles-adliswil.ch


Term 1: August to January (20 weeks)

Term 2: February to July (19 weeks)

Learning sets

(Rucksack incl. book)

Full set: between CHF 155 and 180


For siblings:

10% per child

If a child attends our course as a result of your recommendation, you will receive a discount of CHF 50 on your next bill.

Cambridge English exams

We have been a preparation centre for Cambridge English exams since 2014, and have had a lot of success in this role.

The young learners prepare very well for the exams and in fact find them very easy. They feel great when they see how well they have done.

The children do not need any additional lessons to pass the exams, as the Helen Doron courses are all geared towards the Cambridge English exams.

We offer all three Young Learners exams (Starters, Movers and Flyers), as well as KET for Schools, PET for schools and First English for Schools.

The exam can be a big source of motivation for the children and gives an indication of their language level.

You can register your child for the exam yourself or we can do that for you.

PET For Schools – Teen Talent 3 & 4, Teen Choices 1 & 2

Date of examination:

Registration deadline:

Cost: CHF 245

First English for Schools – Teen Choices Books 3 & 4

Date of examination:

Registration deadline:

Cost: CHF 390